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About Us

About Us

Packaging Company Executive Mark Hudgins

Mark Hudgins had a very specific vision in mind for Packaging Pros Plus when he founded the company in 2012: combining all the best features of mega-sized packaging suppliers and their small business counterparts. This meant building a company committed to personalized customer service, low overhead — and robust product selection and deep expertise.

Hudgins, who boasts more than two decades in the commercial packaging industry, has grown Packaging Pros Plus into booming company with an impressive roll of customers from distribution, construction materials, food processing and other industries. In other words, we can help with anything that goes in a box or on a skid.

Both a SWaM-certified and veteran-owned packaging company – and embracing the ideals embraced by both of these affiliations, Packaging Pros Plus is committed to the following:

  • Responsive service: Have a question? A suggestion? Any input whatsoever? We love to engage with our customers, knowing that your feedback makes us better.
  • Fair dealing and high integrity: In the packaging industry, like any other sector, a few bad firms can forever create skepticism in the minds of all prospects. Never again worry about any of the “bait and switch,” product defect, unannounced price increases and other questionable practices when you select Packaging Pros Plus.
  • Packaging supply and equipment innovation: If it’s new and it’s useful, we’ll have it.

At Packaging Pros Plus, we’re so confident in the business model we’ve painstakingly developed that we know the first time we work together won’t be the last time.